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Ducted Air Conditioning Services In Perth

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Welcome to AAPL Air Conditioning Rockingham, The Ducted Reverse Cycle And Evaporative Air Conditioning Specialists.

At AAPL Air Conditioning Rockingham, we recognise that not every house is the same, not every building is the same. People have very distinct living styles. Air-conditioning has to fit with that, this is why… you’ll feel more comfortable with us!

Air conditioning is a long-term solution not a quick-fix on a hot day.

That’s why we wrote The Guide “Don’t Buy Air-conditioning Until You Find Out the 5 Biggest Mistakes Most People Make”. If you’d like a FREE copy of it just email us or call us at 9592 9099 and we’ll send it to you.

There is a huge amount of choice and information ranging from advice from family and friends to detailed information on the internet. It can get confusing so before you take any advice speak to us at AAPL Air Conditioning.

How Reverse Cycle Ducted Air Conditioning Works?  

Ducted air conditioning works by heating or cooling the indoor fan coil and blowing the air through ducts to your different rooms. This can be controlled with a zone system and generally, we allow a unit to cover 60-70% of your home at the same time.

Zoning the system helps you control which rooms you want to air condition and when, zone systems can be simple on and off control to wi-fi controllable systems with the ability to adjust the airflow from the wall controller or your phone

Two main units make up the air conditioning system.

1. A condensing unit (with a compressor), located outside the building.

2. An indoor fan coil unit that is mounted inside the roof cavity or ceiling of the home.

These two units are connected by a system of pipes that allows them to work together to produce heating or cooling.

Advantages of a Reverse Cycle Ducted Air Conditioner

  • Works well in all weather conditions
  • Produces an exact temperature with thermostat control
  • Inverter technology reduces running costs
  • Zoning the system gives you exact control and helps reduce running costs
  • Heating and cooling from the one system
  • Air purification ( Panasonic ducted systems )
  • Clean filtered air

We’ve been helping people get cool clean fresh air – and warm air too – in their homes, small commercial buildings and offices since 2008.

We take pride in always giving the best air conditioning advice and providing solutions to make you and your family or your customers and staff comfortable.

Finance Options
save up to $900 a year with actron air

The energy star rating system is so useful when it comes to gauging the efficiency of appliances. But they are particularly beneficial with air conditioners as they are usually such a huge drain on our electricity.

The difference between an efficient air conditioner and an inefficient one could be hundreds or even thousands of dollars worth of electricity each year. It’s particularly important for those who use their air conditioner quite regularly so that they don’t receive any shocking power bills that really hurt their bank balance.

There is a huge amount of choice and information ranging from advice from family and friends to detailed information on the internet. It can get confusing so before you take any advice, speak to us at AAPL air conditioning.

We take pride in always giving the best advice from our experience and providing solutions to make you and your family or your customers and your workers comfortable.

A good proportion of our work comes from word of mouth from happy customers. We have built our reputation on supplying quality systems, with expert advice, installation and workmanship, and reliable after-sales service.

AAPL Air Conditioning is located in Rockingham and, while we do a lot of local work, we also operate from Perth to Mandurah and surrounding areas.

Please do not hestitate to contact us with any questions you may have.


No, there are too many variables. We need to know the floor plan to accurately size the unit and determine the amount of duct and other materials needed. Just knowing it is an ‘average’ 4×2 isn’t enough information. Plus, there are different zone controllers available that can affect the price.

The outdoor humidity level will directly affect the amount of water used. The unit will consume more water by evaporation if it is hot and dry. Depending on the temperature and wind they can use 40-60 litres an hour

Only a small amount of electricity is used as it drives only a fan, and a small water pump.

All units come with a 5-year manufacturer’s Warranty. AAPL provide a 12-month installation warranty.
For normal domestic situations, it is best to do this twice a year at the start of summer and again at the beginning of winter. For commercial situations, it is best to do this every month.
Aspen or Woodwool Pads (look like wood shavings), you can expect to replace them every 3-4 years. However, this can change depending on the water quality and local circumstances. Chilcel Pads (look like honeycomb) will need to be changed approximately every 7 to 8 years. However, it is possible to vary depending on local conditions and water quality. WARNING: In either of these situations, failure to replace filter pads before they expire may cause a decrease in the efficiency/performance of your air conditioner. It may also result in water leakage into the ductwork or electrics that could cause expensive damage.
  • Ceiling insulation helps keep your home warmer or cooler so the system does not have to work as hard reducing running costs
  • Keep doors and windows closed if you have a reverse cycle system
  • Reducing the temperature by 1 degree on heating or increasing in cooling will save on running costs
  • Window coverings stop direct sunlight from heating your rooms up
  • Stopping draughts and heavy curtains stop heat escaping in winter

Yes, we service all makes and models, from commercial to residential.

Emergency work is not offered

The frequency of air conditioning services will vary depending on the system. Here is a guideline.

  • Wall Splits require maintenance every 18 – 36months. It is vital to inspect and clean filters at least every four months.
  • Reverse cycle Ducted systems should be serviced every 12-24 months. A check and cleaning of the filters is recommended every 4 months.
  • Evaporative Ducted system require servicing at least once a calendar year, with a recommended service being done just before the summer.

The first thing you can do is turn the system off at the isolator for reverse cycle systems and turn it on again after 5 minutes, this re-sets the system. If that does not work you will need a technician to attend to diagnose the problem. 

Reverse cycle ducted systems can usually come up with an error code if left on for at least an hour as they run through a self-diagnostic procedure  

No, reverse cycle ducted systems require a smaller duct due to their lower airflow and the unit is installed in your roof space with an outdoor unit positioned nearby and connected with copper pipe  

Reverse cycle ducted offer heating and cooling through the same vents to a much more accurate temperature than evaporative and with the correct zone system you can control individual room temperatures  

 Evaporative systems are a cooling only system and get their cooling from drawing air over water cooled pads and this air is then ducted to your rooms  

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