Air Conditioning Service and Repairs Perth

Air Conditioning Service and Repairs

They’re not all the same

Regularly servicing your air conditioner is important to ensuring your home or office is comfortable year-round. Like a car service, your air conditioning service is the key to keeping your unit working at its best and preventing the need for emergency repairs when those odd noises start.

At AAPL, there are no hidden surprises with our air conditioning repairs and servicing. We’ve put together a guide on what to expect when one of our professional technicians visits you for an air conditioning service or repair.

Frequency of Air Conditioning Servicing

The frequency of air conditioning services really depends on the system, but as a guideline:

  • Wall Split systems only require servicing every 18-36 months. It’s important to check and clean the filters every four months;
  • Reverse Cycle Ducted systems require servicing every 12-24 months, with a check and clean of the filters recommended every four months; and
  • Evaporative Ducted systems require servicing at least once a year, with a service recommended just before summer.

Our Service to You

When one of our technicians visits your home or office, you are guaranteed our honest opinion and experience. Our technicians will:

  • Test the unit;
  • Report to you with their best advice;
  • Discuss any issues with you in easy-to-understand terms;
  • Inform you of the best action to take; and
  • Provide a premium service, repair or replacement of your unit.

Our professional team have your best interests at heart and we will keep you informed throughout the air conditioning service or repair.

Types of Service and Repairs

Different systems require different checks, cleans and overall attention. Most residential servicing can be carried out within 30-45 minutes, with commercial services assessed on a case-by-case basis. Here is what to expect when AAPL perform an air conditioning service on your system:

Wall Split and Reverse Cycle Systems

  • Remove and clean filters
  • Check power connections
  • Check pipe connections
  • Check gas pressures
  • Clean indoor unit
  • Clean outdoor unit
  • Check drains
  • Check for correct operation
  • Check zones for correct operation (Reverse Cycle Systems only)

Evaporative Ducted Systems

This service is often the most time consuming, as it is carried out on the roof. Once AAPL technicians have accessed the roof, they will:

  • Remove and wash down pads;
  • Clean and rinse out the reservoir, ensuring all debris and dust is out and remove dirt build up;
  • Add water sanitizer; and
  • Run the unit and to check correct operation

In Case of Air Conditioning Emergency, Call AAPL

At AAPL, we want to make sure your air conditioner is kept in tiptop shape. However, if it has been a little while since your last service and your system has started to make those dreaded noises, call AAPL!

One of our technicians will conduct a diagnostic service to determine what the fault it with your system. After extensive testing, we will report to you with the issues and provide you a cost for repair. At AAPL, we have a network of spare part suppliers who can provide us with what we need to repair your unit.

Do you need one of our regular air conditioning services, or air conditioning repair in Rockingham, Mandurah, Baldivis or the surrounding areas? Contact the expert team at AAPL to find out how we can service you today!

AAPL air conditioning are continually working to improve our service with the best technicians and advice we can give.



Dear Nick,
My wife and I wanted to write and thank you and the team at AAPL for making the entire process of buying air conditioning as smooth and as easy as it was. From the first time we called enquiring about a quote, right through to the system being installed, every step of the way was stress free. You kept us informed, and you and your team were always on time for any appointments we had. When building a house and dealing with several trades people at once, that professionalism is really appreciated. Your product knowledge is second to none, and taking your advice led to us having a system installed that was perfect for our needs, and for our house. It’s been over six months now, and we couldn’t believe how efficient the system has been over the summer months – our power bills were certainly much less than we had thought.

Thank you for the lovely gift as well! It was such a nice surprise and ironically – it was a far nicer gift

Dan and Ali Muggeridge