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At AAPL Air Conditioning, we pride ourselves on our ability to build strong, long-lasting relationships with all of our suppliers, especially Airstream Living Technology, who is our number one supplier of reverse cycle ducted components. We’re especially excited about their new climate control system, iZone, which is revolutionising the very idea of air conditioning in Perth.

What is the iZone Climate Control System?

The iZone climate control system gives you complete control over the temperature of any room in your home. The system is wi-fi controlled through a state-of-the-art touch screen controller, which comes complete with a ten-year warranty.

Why Should You Choose APPL and the iZone System?

After extensive research, we decided to back the iZone system because Airstream Living Technology is a local business with an innovative approach to their work. They have options to suit every budget, from low-cost to high-end, and never skimp on quality.

One of the biggest pros of this forward thinking company is that they’re constantly working to improve their products. For example, the ‘325 controller’ can be operated remotely through a free app, which allows you to turn your air con on before you even pull up in your driveway.

Individual room sensors are also available. These sensors allow you to set different zones within your home (for example, your living area and bedrooms) to varying temperatures at the push of a button. If you’re comfortable at a balmy 25°C, while your family prefers a cooler 20°C, you won’t have to fight over the air con remote anymore. All you have to do is set each of your respective rooms to your preferred temperature and close the door – it’s that easy!

If your home is a little stuffy, but you don’t want freezing cold air from your air con circulating through your home, AAPL can install a fresh air system. By using your handy all-in-one controller, you can make your air conditioner’s compressor switch to using fresh air through the same ducts as your air con, via a cowl in your roof. This is a fantastic feature that will save you a fortune on your energy bills. Put simply, you can take advantage of an evaporative system, minus the water – what’s not to love?

The Latest Innovations From iZone

To make your life even easier, especially during Perth’s long hot summers, the iZone system is now registered with the IFTTT. This means you can make an app that will connect your iZone system with any other apps that you have on your phone or tablet. Imagine you’re driving home from work, and you have used IFTTT to link your iZone system with Google Maps on your phone, once you get closer to home, you can pre-program your air conditioning to turn on, so your house will be nice and cool for when you arrive.

If this wasn’t already enough, iZone also has an iLight system – for complete lighting automation, which is available in both bulbs and downlights – and has a 6 star energy rating. This energy-efficient rating will drastically reduce your home’s automation costs, which is a win/win all round.

The iZone system is eco-friendly and available in a range of stylish designs, so you can choose a controller that suits the aesthetic of your home. To learn more about this innovative new product, pop in to see the team at AAPL today!  





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