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Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Cash Back and Win a Trip to Japan

To celebrate our 20th anniversary of keeping Aussies comfortable in their homes, we are inviting you to win a trip to the home of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries in Japan!

Purchase any participating Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air – Conditioning system and get up to $400 Cashback plus you could win 1 of 4 amazing holiday trips for 2 to Japan, valued at $12,000 AUD*.

Promotion period: 1 June 2019 to 31 August 2019. A claim must be submitted by 13 September 2019. Online applications only, full terms and conditions can be obtained on All winners will be announced on the 8 October 2019 on winter. Limit of one (1) Prize is permitted per Eligible Claimant.

For more details and list of participation models click here.

CoolBreeze Evaporative Air Conditioning

At AAPL Air Conditioning we love to support our local industries and people where ever possible and that includes CoolBreeze Evaporative Air Conditioning.

CoolBreeze are manufactured here in Perth in Welshpool, not confined to Perth they export to several countries and sport an excellent reputation for reliability and efficiency.

The units have the highest warranty in the industry with only 2 compulsory services in the 5th and 7 th year to give you a 10 year parts and labour warranty.

The evaporative systems are great for the customer who is looking to push cool fresh air through their home with windows and doors open allowing the cool air to replace the hot air.

The systems always work at their optimum with doors and windows open slightly to allow the air to be recirculated throughout the home.

Unique Features Include-

  • Exhaust mode to remove unpleasant odours
  • Counterweight drain valve
  • Eco pads don’t smell when first installed
  • Quiet powerful motor
  • Choice of standard controller
  • Upgrade to QA controller with timer function
  • Upgrade to QC controller with wi-fi capability
CoolBreeze Evaporative Air Conditioning

When it comes to CoolBreeze Evaporative Air Conditioning in Rockingham, Mandurah & Perth southern suburbs.

Talk to the team at AAPL Air Conditioning for the best advice and service.

Evaporative Air Conditioning Systems – The Builders Range

At AAPL Air Conditioning we love to support our local industries and people where ever possible and that includes our chosen evaporative air conditioning systems.

Ezycool are manufactured by Airgroup in Welshpool and covered with a 5 year parts and labour warranty so you know you are in good hands.

Simplicity is the key to these units and functionality, easy to use controller, direct drive motor and a super pump all add up to a unit that will do the job

Features Include-

  • Direct drive Teco-Westinghouse motor
  • Quiet powerful motor
  • Standard EM controller
  • Upgrade to EA controller with timer function
  • Optional water management system

Cooling your home or workspace has never been so ezy. Just choose ezycool!

Ezycool is manufactured by Airgroup Australia, a family owned business that has been manufacturing premium quality evaporative air conditioners right here in Australia for over 25 years.

The smart design and innovative technology inside Ezycool air-conditioners have been designed and engineered to combat the extreme Australian weather conditions using natural cooling.

Ezycool is affordable and low maintenance, providing the best choice when it comes to clean, fresh, healthy air conditioning for your home and workspace.

Ezycool is supported with a standard two-year warranty on parts and labour for residential and commercial applications.

Evaporative Air Conditioning Systems

ActronAir Ultimate Summer Offer

Purchase an ActronAir ESP Plus system and upgrade to
an equivalent ESP Ultima system at no extra charge.

PLUS receive a Control Pack Upgrade valued at $1,086. Offer available from 4 Nov – 16 Dec 2018

ActronAir Ultimate Summer Offer

For a limited time, every purchase of an award-winning ESP Plus system receives a BONUS upgrade to our premium ESP Ultima system, valued at up to $1,560. On top of that, the offer also includes a Control Pack Upgrade valued at $1,086.

The ActronAir Ultimate Summer Offer – giving you up to $2,546 in BONUS value.

SAVE UP TO $700 A YEAR on your energy bills.
The energy saving features in our ESP Plus series can save you up to 60% or $700 on your energy bills. This can make a huge difference to the cost of living.

Different temperatures in different rooms at the same time with ESP Ultima.
ESP Ultima allows you to have up to 8 different zones in your home all individually comfort-controlled to suit everyone’s precise needs.

When it comes to ActronAir special offers talk to the team at AAPL Air-conditioning & Heating for the best advice and service.

Free iZone 435 controller upgrade

You won’t want to miss our latest Airstream iZone 435 Special Offer!

Airstream’s most popular product, the iZone 435, allows you to control the climate of each room of your home or office. With just a few touches from either your wall mounted controller, or from a Wi-Fi enabled smartphone app (available for iPhone, Android and Windows) you’ll be in total control.

Free iZone 435 controller upgrade plus your choice of $600 worth of
selected airstream products (Not including fitting).

  • 6 x free wireless sensors to create climate control in each room
  • 1 x iZone irrigation system and 3 x smart plugs (smart plugs self-fitting)OR
  • 1 x $ 300 off iSave return air box + 1 x iZone irrigation system OR
  • 6 x downlights OR
  • 6 x lamps (screw in or bayonet or mixture) self-fitting

Room sensors allow different temperatures to be set from the main controller for each individual room/zone.

Irrigation can be controlled through wi-fi or connected via an app to the weather to not come on if rain is expected, it also has a soaking mode where it can be programmed to stop for 2 mins to start again.

Smart plugs can be controlled from wi-fi.

Your downlights can now be controlled from wi-fi. Choose different colours to create different ambiences. You can also set as an alarm, set in holiday mode to switch on and off while you are away from the house so it appears if someone is at home

iSave – this is a fantastic feature that with the push of a button, stops the outdoor unit and then opens dampers to shut off the recycled air. By drawing in fresh air through the same vents – basically, the customer is receiving half an evaporative system. This is a great feature for the cooler nights when the cooler air is enough to cool the home rather than running the air conditioning compressor.

To learn more click here.

When it comes to iZone 435 special offers talk to the team at AAPL Air-conditioning & Heating for the best advice and service.

Why Choose AAPL Air Conditioning…

AAPL is your local all year round cooling and heating experts… 

At AAPL we recognise that not every house or building is the same. People have very distinct living styles. Air-conditioning has to fit with that, this is why… you’ll feel more comfortable with us!

We take pride in always giving our clients the best advice. Our experience and ability to provide quality cost-effective solutions that will give you peace of mind.

Keeping you cool in Summer…

Air conditioning is a long-term solution not a quick-fix on a hot day. AAPL Air conditioning provides quality products and service.

  • Airstream products i.e Izone have a 10-year warranty including controllers and damper motors.
  • Air distribution boxes are made from duct board giving R1.5 insulation and are triple sealed.
  • Airstream zone controllers are dedicated zone controllers.
  • We are a Panasonic specialist. That means we have access to specialist warranty people based in Bibra Lake. Saving time and unnecessary hassles in having to deal with an Eastern state call centre.
  • We utilize acoustic duct on every reverse cycle ducted system ensuring the quietest operation.
  • We have some excellent reviews on google and facebook we could steer customers to.

Benefits of Ducted Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning

Keeping you warm in Winter…

For homes or offices in need of a year-round heating and cooling solution. A ducted reverse cycle air conditioning system is an ideal choice. These systems allow you to create different zones in your home or office, so you can save money on energy costs.

We specialise in the installation of Masport Wood Heaters

  • Masport Heating is Australasia’s largest wood fire manufacturer.
  • All Masport fires comply with AHHA Emission standards.
  • Huge range of convection and radiant fires to suit a multitude of homes.
  • Fully brick-lined firebox with steel baffles for efficient heating.
  • Firebox warranty of 10 years.

Click here to view the range of Masport Wood Heaters.

For all year-round heating and cooling solutions, call your local experts.

Are you damaging the atmosphere with burning wood fires?

Wood is a carbon neutral product, unlike other fuels…

Burning wood fires generates no more carbon dioxide than leaving it to decompose.
Wood is a renewable energy source making it a sound environmental choice.

How Efficient are wood fires?

Wood fires are an energy efficient way of heating your home and with the Masport cast iron fireboxes with heat dispersing fins which can increase the surface area by 65% you are receiving the greater heat distribution from your fire.

What is the Cost?

Wood fires are a cheap form of heating especially if you have good access to timber/ logs, not only do you save money but you tidy up the countryside

Why choose Masport ???

Masport are the largest wood fire manufacturer in Australasia and comply with the Australian and New Zealand Emission standards.
They produce a huge range including stand-alone fires to built-in to suit all tastes and home sizes from 50m2 to 300m2, the range of fires covers both radiant and convection.
Radiant heat spreads from the fire and circulates from the fire and the surrounds.
Convection has the added benefit of having a fan with different speeds to spread the heat faster.

When it comes to Masport Wood Fires talk to the team at AAPL Air-conditioning & Heating for the best advice and service.

Panasonic reverse split-cycle air conditioners cashback

Panasonic reverse split-cycle air conditioners now come with extra comfort!

Claim up to $200 cashback via redemption on selected model Panasonic reverse split-cycle air conditioners! Ends July 31, 2018.

Enjoy the cold months in a toasty warm home with a Panasonic reverse split-cycle air conditioner. Buy now and get a Panasonic eftpos card worth up to $200* when you buy a selected model before 31/07/2018. Please retain your original tax invoice/purchase receipt showing a zero balance for verification purposes.

How to Claim

To complete your claim under the Panasonic 2018 Air Conditioner Promotion, please click on the redeem here button below.  Then complete the simple step by step process.

It is a requirement of the Panasonic Air Conditioner promotional offer that they receive a copy of your purchase receipt, showing 100% payment, before 11:59pm (AEST) 21 August 2018.

To register your claim, you will need details of the Air Conditioner purchased including the model number, serial number (of the outdoor unit), date purchased, and dealer name.

If you experience any difficulties claiming, please contact us on 9592 9099 between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays.

Terms and conditions apply.


Already claimed one? Redeem here


Wood heaters by Masport Heating

There are a few different ways to warm your home or business place. None are as natural, efficient and just plain luxurious as burning wood. No matter what your style or requirements are an inbuilt or freestanding, Masport Wood Heaters are the perfect choice.

The range of Masport Wood Heaters.

Wood Heaters by Masport Wood Heaters by Masport

Wood Heaters by Masport Wood Heaters by Masport


Why you should choose Wood heaters by Masport Heating.

Masport Heating has over 35 years of experience in home heating. They know how to manufacture an excellent wood heater and is reflected in their 10 year fire box warranty. Many of their fireboxes are manufactured out of cast iron with heat dispersing fins.

  • Masport Heating is Australasia’s largest wood fire manufacturer.
  • All Masport fires comply with AHHA Emission standards.
  • Huge range of convection and radiant fires to suit a multitude of homes.
  • Fully brick-lined firebox with steel baffles for efficient heating.
  • Firebox warranty of 10 years.

Masport wood heaters are built with TRIPLE AIR COMBUSTION TECHNOLOGY to efficiently burn all the fuel in the fire. TAC technology gives better efficiency and in doing so, reduces fuel usage while keeping the environment clean.

  • Superior Cast Iron Fire Boxes
  • Triple Combustion Technology leads to Clean Burning making them
  • Ultra-Efficient Fires

When it comes to Masport Wood Heaters talk to the team at AAPL Air-conditioning & Heating for the best advice and service.

The Smart Ducted Air Conditioning Perth Home

The Smart Ducted Air Conditioning Perth Home

Ducted Air conditioning has moved in leaps and bounds. It’s not just about switching it on and setting your temperature. Today’s systems can be controlled via an app on your phone or from a controller like the one below.

These controllers have wi-fi ability and can encompass:

• Automatic lighting with wi-fi
• Individual room control through a wireless sensor adjusting the temperature to suit you
• Automatic reticulation with wi-fi
• Smart plugs with wi-fi
• Automatic wi-fi control of your garage door
• IFTTT- create a series of applets to really set your system up for automation based on where you are or stop your reticulation automatically if it looks like rain, the possibilities are endless

Click here to read more about iZone systems.


The iSave feature is a cleverly designed system that allows fresh air to be distributed into your rooms through the same vents as the air conditioning is delivered

How Does It Work
We install a roof cowel and connect this to your return air box and through a series of dampers when you push the Isave button on the controller the dampers for the return air close and the dampers to the fresh air open allowing the indoor unit to pull fresh air in and distribute it to your rooms, this is a great feature for the cooler nights when the air is generally at its coolest and reduces running costs.

All filters are accessible from inside your home for both the recycled air and the fresh air making it easy to clean.

Whats The Advantage Of Izone
• Manufactured in Bibra Lake
• 10 year warranty after registration
• Excellent after service
• Designed to be user friendly

ducted reverse cycle air conditioning

At AAPL, we can design, install, service and repair all ducted Air Conditioning systems in Perth. Contact the experts at AAPL today to discuss how we can create a smart ducted air conditioning Perth home for you.