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Cleaning Air Filters

All the latest Panasonic Wall Split Systems are equiped with two air filters. These air filters can be removed and are ideally to be cleaned in a regular basis.

Wash the air filters with water being carefully not to damage the filter surface, dry them throughly under shade and away from direct sunlight or fire. When they are completely dry, re-install them back into the unit.

Wall Split Systems with cleaned air filters able to maximise cooling or heating performance and ensure continuous indoor air quality.

Cleaning Wall Split Indoor Exterior

Clean the exterior of the indoor unit with a soft and dray cloth.

This can minimise dirt and dust that have collected on the panels and around the air vents. This exercise will ensure your indoor air quality is always at its best.

Active Air Purifying – nanoeTMX

Panasonic’s nanoeTMX technology, approved by Sensitive Choice Australia, is an air purifying system which is built-in to our Z-VKR Wall Split range.

It generates unique water particle with OH radicals for the purpose to deodorise the air and inhibit virus and bacteria, which helps to keep living space fresh and clean.
The nanoeTMX air purifying system can be turned on independently either through remote control when at home or App when away from home.

Click here for more info on Air Purifying.

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