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COVID-19 placed the globe on standstill. It took over the news and kept us confined to our homes for two years. Now that COVID-19 is well and truly in our society, our team has been receiving a lot of questions regarding their ducted air conditioning, and its correlation to safe COVID-19 measures. Today, we have decided to address a few of these questions and explore our air conditioning services, air quality, the spreading of COVID-19 and some safety measures to consider.


Firstly, how does COVID-19 spread?


COVID-19, according to WA Health, is passed through droplets and very small particles. When these particles are inhaled through the eyes, nose or mouth, the person becomes infected with the virus. It is also possible to get the virus by touching contaminated surfaces. This is why COVID-19 spreads more easily indoors compared to outdoors. This is due to the transmissibility of the droplets in enclosed spaces.


What actions can a person take for their air conditioning systems?


The World Health Organisation (WHO), suggests that homeowners and commercial property owners increase their ventilation to allow outdoor air into the indoor spaces. It is also recommended to increase air filtration to as high as possible, without diminishing airflow.

You want a ventilation system that does not recirculate. Rather, all air should be expelled directly to the atmosphere. These systems are therefore highly unlikely to spread the virus unless they feed into nearby air intakes.


Does one need to disinfect their air conditioner?


So far, no research has shown that home air conditioning systems can spread disease. We do however recommend regular maintenance of your systems, which will include cleaning the air conditioning equipment. If you believe someone has coughed into your air conditioning unit, who happened to be COVID-19 positive, then we recommend that you use a simple disinfectant to wipe down the unit. Please note, that care should be exercised with your system, and one should avoid situations where air from an infected person may blow directly onto other non-infected people.


Can COVID-19 spread through an evaporative air conditioner?


Evaporative air conditioning systems use drinking water. According to the Water Services Association of Australia (WSAA), drinking water in Australia is of high quality and is mostly contaminant-free. There is no evidence to show that drinking water would contain the COVID-19 virus or that it is transmitted by drinking water.


How long does COVID-19 last on surfaces?


The answer for this varies. It can be anywhere from a few hours to a few days. The determinant is the conditions surrounding the area. What is the surface? What is the temperature of the room? Is the room humid? The answers for this will indicate how long a surface will have infectable contaminants.


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