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At AAPL Air Conditioning, our philosophy is customer care without compromise. Our customers’ needs come first and by providing consistent, comprehensive service we always have you covered.

Everyone’s needs are different, whether you’re a couple, family or enjoying single life, so it’s important to make the right choice for your household. Our team will analyse and advise on the best system to suit your specific needs.

Excellence in quality and innovation

Ducted air conditioning is in popular demand, with Perth hosting another balmy summer, so it’s important you have the best quality system installed to see you through the warmer months ahead. Our systems are designed in-house and matched with high quality components with premium industry warranties (without the premium price tag!) Our innovative zoning systems are WA made and supplied by industry leaders in design, functionality, and performance.

Customers are updated throughout the installation process, and all details are logged in our online system, including the model, serial number, and installation date of your air conditioning, as well as a record of the servicemen, to ensure warranty issues can be addressed swiftly. Once installation is complete, we offer customers the chance to stay informed of our latest news and information with our AAPL newsletter.

Beware the budget bullies

We appreciate budgets can be intimidating, and variances in price can leave buyers bewildered. At AAPL, we won’t pressure you into spending; our team of experts will work within and around your budget rather than forsaking quality. The smartest solutions long outlive the cheapest fix! Time has taught us, all too often, that customers opting for the cheapest option eventually find themselves reaching deeper into their pockets to cover repair and maintenance costs.

We service and supply air conditioners all over WA, from Perth to Rockingham to Mandurah and beyond, with a turnaround time of approx. 1-2 weeks. Our terms are simple – we only require a deposit upfront, with full balance payable upon completion. Easy!

Benefits of Ducted Systems

We’re big fans of a ducted system, and you should be too. Here are some of the main benefits of installation one in your home.

  1. Concealment – you’ll receive all the of the cooling / heating through a vent in the ceiling, from any of these forms: four-way louvre vent, circulate vents, wall registers or grille style vents.
  1. Reverse cycle ducted systems – AAPL is an industry leader, equipping clients will full control of their unit through a smartphone or tablet thanks to employing the latest in innovative technology.

Industry leaders

With nearly a decade of industry experience, we can confidently recommend the best product range to suit you, whether it’s refrigerated systems, Cool Breeze evaporative systems, or international brands such as Panasonic and Mitsubishi, and we pride ourselves on first class service.

Here at AAPL, we’re consistently complimented on our professional and knowledge, and our customers should expect nothing short of the best. We’re happy to take on jobs that others may see as ‘too hard’ for a specific budget, and we pride ourselves on going above and beyond to get the job done for you.

Make the right choice

When choosing the right air conditioning for you, AAPL guarantee both the best level of service and highest quality system to suit your requirements. Regarding of circumstances, our expert team are on hand to solve any issues (technical, financial, aesthetic), grant you peace of mind, and ensure you’re living in comfort without delay.

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