You’ll feel MORECOMFORTABLE with us!

A coastal lifestyle is the best part of the Australian dream.

However, your air conditioner might feel differently. Unfortunately our salty air can lead to corrosion, damage and even shortened lifespan of our air conditioners.

In this article, we discuss salty air, how it can impact your air conditioners and how your team at AAPL Refrigeration and Mechanical Services can assist.


Salt and its impact on your air conditioner


For most Perth residents, beautiful beaches are the natural consequence of being part of WA. However, over time salt spray and sea air can take its toll on our systems. From rusted fixtures and fittings to appliances and even corroded cement work, the harsh natural elements of salt will be sure make its presence felt.

Whether it’s your domestic air conditioning or your work HVAC system, 99% of air conditioners are not immune to the impact of the ocean air, especially those components that sit outside your premises year-round.


Some corrosive culprits in the fresh air


Did you know that salt air is high in sodium chloride, an element that our metal appliances don’t react well to?

Due to the fact there is a lot of moisture in saline air, the salty residue is often carried inland and settles onto items like appliances and fixtures. With time, this can produce corrosion and rust.  Think about all the metal elements of an air conditioner, this is a lot for the salty air to react to. We are talking the condensor coils to fins and unit housings. Your air conditioning unit has numerous sites to cause  potential damage.

Also, it is important to note that air conditioners can even struggle to work at peak performance in the presence of salt and that can wear prematurely if you don’t take the appropriate steps.


How to combat salt in the atmosphere


If you reside in Perth, then you will automatically have a home that is prone to high salt in the air. Therefore, it is imperative to combat the effects of salt on your air conditioning with regular cleaning and maintenance. Regular checks, followed by maintenance, of your unit allows you to prevent damage where possible and replace parts when required, long before a small problem results in a full air conditioning breakdown.

We believe that being proactive is far better than being reactive, so it is wise to get on top of your air conditioning maintenance.


Choose AAPL for your maintenance


Trust AAPL Refrigeration and Mechanical Services for all your air conditioning maintenance needs. We’ve been helping people get cool clean fresh air – and warm air too – in their homes, small commercial building and offices since 2008.

Our office is located in Rockingham and, while we do a lot of local work, we also operate from Perth to Mandurah and surrounding areas. A good proportion of our work comes from word of mouth from happy customers. We have built our reputation on supplying quality systems, with expert advice, installation and workmanship, and reliable after sales service.

Ready to get in touch? Speak to our air conditioning repair and maintenance experts today. We look forward to looking after your air conditioning unit and ensuring you pick up on any issues before breakdown.

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