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Ducted Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning

For homes or offices in need of a year-round heating and cooling solution, a ducted reverse cycle air conditioning system is an ideal choice. Ducted reverse cycle systems are often a top pick because they are visually appealing and they allow you to create different zones in your home or office, so you can save money on energy costs.

At AAPL, we can design, install, service and repair ducted reverse cycle air conditioning systems in Rockingham, Mandurah and the Perth Metro area.

How Does Ducted Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning System Work?

The system is made up of an indoor and outdoor unit; the indoor unit is concealed in your roof space. While the outdoor unit can be mounted in a number of positions, depending on what works best for your home or business. Ideally, the outdoor unit will be mounted on a solid surface in an area with good airflow.

The system itself works by passing air through a fan coil and distributing the air through the supply ducts to the various vents around your home or business. The air is then drawn back to the return air vent to start the process again.

Benefits of Ducted Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning Installation

Zoning your home gives you choices. If you have a home with young children or someone who works shifts you need the ability to switch on different areas at different times. We design these systems to suit your lifestyle and our experience will help you make the right choice.

A big advantage of zoning, it saves you money, there is no sense in air conditioning rooms you are not using.

There are several zone systems ranging from simple on/off panels to touch screen panels with the ability to reduce airflow to different zones.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Ducted Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning Over Evaporative and Split system

The choice between evaporative or ducted reverse cycles really comes down to your individual needs. When deciding on which air conditioning system to use in your home, it is worth considering the following. 

  • Are you looking for heating and cooling to an exact temperature – if so you require a reverse cycle ducted system.

  • Wall splits are an excellent choice for one room, if you install wall splits in each room you have to think about the number of outdoor units you will have and the costs associated with installing several systems.

  • Budget:A ducted reverse cycle system will cost more than an evaporative system but this gives you heating and cooling from one system.

  • If you are looking for a cheaper option to provide cooling only, then the evaporative system might be more suitable if you require heating then you will have to install a fire or gas ducted heating which will bring the costs over and above a reverse cycle ducted system and service requirements increase.

Service and Repair of Ducted Reverse Cycle Air Conditioners

Ducted reverse cycle systems require servicing every 12-24 months, with a check and clean of the filters recommended every four months.

Contact our team of professionals at AAPL to service your system at least once a year to ensure your home or business is ready for summer! Also check out AAPL’s Service and Repair page for more information.

Ducted Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning System for Commercial Use

By opting for a ducted air conditioning system that is capable of being zoned, you can keep all those fussy people in your business happy, as each zone can be controlled to an ideal temperature.

Ducted reverse cycle systems also provide a heating and cooling solution all year round, which will keep your employees as productive and efficient as your air conditioning.

AAPL Chooses iZone

Once you have chosen the ducted air conditioning system you want, you need a system to ensure the air travels to each room efficiently and at the temperature you desire. AAPL recommends Izone for total control of your air conditioning. The Izone system gives you total control of your air conditioning from anywhere, as long as you have wifi or a 4G Internet connection!

Also with Izone, you can adjust the air distribution, temperature or airflow to any room for maximum efficiency and savings.

Contact the expert team at AAPL today to discuss all of your ducted reverse cycle air conditioning needs for your home, office or commercial business.

The Smart Ducted Air Conditioning for Perth Home

Ducted Air conditioning has moved in leaps and bounds. It’s not just about switching it on and setting your temperature. Today’s systems can be controlled via an app on your phone or from a controller like the one below.

These controllers have wi-fi ability and can encompass:

• Automatic lighting with wi-fi
• Individual room control through a wireless sensor adjusting the temperature to suit you
• Automatic reticulation with wi-fi
• Smart plugs with wi-fi
• Automatic wi-fi control of your garage door
• IFTTT- create a series of applets to really set your system up for automation based on where you are or stop your reticulation automatically if it looks like rain, the possibilities are endless

iSave And Fresh Air

The iSave feature is a cleverly designed system that allows fresh air to be distributed into your rooms through the same vents as the air conditioning is delivered

How Does It Work?

We install a roof cowel and connect this to your return air box and through a series of dampers when you push the iSave button on the controller the dampers for the return air close and the dampers to the fresh air open allowing the indoor unit to pull fresh air in and distribute it to your rooms, this is a great feature for the cooler nights when the air is generally at its coolest and reduces running costs.

All filters are accessible from inside your home for both the recycled air and the fresh air making it easy to clean.

What Are The Advantages Of iZone?

• Manufactured in Bibra Lake
• 10 year warranty after registration
• Excellent after service
• Designed to be user friendly

ducted reverse cycle air conditioning

At AAPL, we can design, install, service and repair all ducted Air Conditioning systems in Perth. Contact the experts at AAPL today to discuss how we can create a smart ducted air conditioning Perth home for you.

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