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Evaporative Air Conditioning Systems

Are you looking for efficient, cost-effective air conditioning that has a lower environmental footprint, provides 100% fresh air to your family and is guaranteed to keep your family cool during those warm Perth days? Take a look at the Cool Breeze systems supplied by the experts in evaporative air conditioning in Perth.

AAPL supply evaporative air conditioning to Mandurah, Rockingham and the Perth Metro. But what are evaporative systems and what makes them a good choice for your home or office?

How Do Evaporative Air Conditioners Work?

Evaporative air conditioning systems are a cost-effective solution for your home or business; they work by drawing air through water soaked pads via a powerful motor, before delivering the air through insulated ducts to your rooms. They are installed on the roof of your home and are ducted through the ceiling, which means they can deliver a large amount of air through various rooms of the house, keeping you and your family cool.

Benefits of Evaporative Air Conditioning System

Low Installation and Running Costs:

Evaporative air conditioning is cheaper to purchase, install and operate than comparable reverse cycle systems.

100% Fresh Air:

It is a 100% fresh, free flowing air to naturally cool your home of office.

Improved Air Quality:

Fresh, filtered air improves indoor air quality and is much healthier for your family or employees, as well as your fur-babies and indoor plants! The air quality is also great news for allergy sufferers.

Lower Environmental Impact:

The Cool Breeze systems installed by AAPL don’t rely on refrigerant gas or compressor motors, which means less energy consumed and a smaller carbon footprint.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Evaporative Air Conditioning

Pros of Evaporative Air Conditioning 

  • Cheaper to install 
  • Reasonable running expenses 
  • Simple to maintain 

Cons of Evaporative Air Conditioning 

  • It doesn’t perform well in rainy or humid conditions 
  • Temperature control is limited 
  • Potential water leakage danger 

Service and Repair of Evaporative Air Conditioners

The key to the longevity of your evaporative air conditioning system is as easy as giving your unit some regular TLC. Year-round, you can care for your system by turning the system off when you aren’t home or don’t need it, and by cleaning your vents with clean water.

We suggest that as part of your upkeep, you should contact our team of professionals at AAPL to service your system at least once a year to ensure your system is in tiptop shape before the warmer weather rolls in. Check out AAPL’s Service and Repair page for more information.

Evaporative Air Conditioners for Commercial Use

AAPL evaporative air conditioning systems are a great choice for customers looking to cool their office, or for those needing to cool large workshops/warehouses in Perth, Mandurah, Rockingham and the surrounds!

Whether your commercial space has ceilings or large open spaces, AAPL have a solution to make sure your employees keep cool.

AAPL Chooses Cool Breeze

Cool Breeze are 100% West Australian owned and operated, and they are Perth-based! This means that Cool Breeze understand the local climate and have designed evaporative air conditioners that are ideal for the often-harsh WA environment.

They are also building quite a reputation interstate and overseas, with a range of air conditioning units for both residential and commercial businesses catching the eye of air conditioning companies worldwide.

If you’re in need of an evaporative air conditioning system in Rockingham, Mandurah or Perth, contact us today to find out how we can help you to stay cool this summer.

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