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You won’t want to miss our latest Airstream iZone 435 Special Offer!

Airstream’s most popular product, the iZone 435, allows you to control the climate of each room of your home or office. With just a few touches from either your wall mounted controller, or from a Wi-Fi enabled smartphone app (available for iPhone, Android and Windows) you’ll be in total control.

Free iZone 435 controller upgrade plus your choice of $600 worth of
selected airstream products (Not including fitting).

Room sensors allow different temperatures to be set from the main controller for each individual room/zone.

Irrigation can be controlled through wi-fi or connected via an app to the weather to not come on if rain is expected, it also has a soaking mode where it can be programmed to stop for 2 mins to start again.

Smart plugs can be controlled from wi-fi.

Your downlights can now be controlled from wi-fi. Choose different colours to create different ambiences. You can also set as an alarm, set in holiday mode to switch on and off while you are away from the house so it appears if someone is at home

iSave – this is a fantastic feature that with the push of a button, stops the outdoor unit and then opens dampers to shut off the recycled air. By drawing in fresh air through the same vents – basically, the customer is receiving half an evaporative system. This is a great feature for the cooler nights when the cooler air is enough to cool the home rather than running the air conditioning compressor.

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