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how iSave air conditioning works

Did you know we can automate your air conditioning with one of our 325 controllers, not only can you control the air conditioning within your home with your smartphone but also form the office/bus or train so you have your home at the temperature you want it when you get home, that’s not all.

You can add automated down lights to the same controller and download an app to control these from anywhere, you can change the ambience of any room with a swipe of the colour graph or your phone or wall controller, you can set them to come on automatically when you are away on your holidays or set them as an alarm to wake you up gently going from a dim to full brightness over a period of time.

Not sure If your reticulation is on, we have an automated reticulation controller that can be added to the wall controller and comes with… you guessed it a free app for your smartphone/tablet

Not sure if you need the air con on at night or just want the option to have fresh air as well, we can design you a system with a fresh air function using the same ducts at the push of a button the outdoor unit switches off and through a roof mounted cowl fresh air is drawn in and distributed through the same vents, now who’s a smart Alec.

The above features have been developed by the very innovative Airstream, tirelessly working away to make our customers life easier and in line with modern expectations leaving you with more time to do what you want.

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