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Whilst a ducted reverse cycle air conditioning system is often the best choice, sometimes either space constraints in a home or time constraints (perhaps its been 35 degrees, all work and there are no signs of the heat relenting) means that you need a quicker solution – this is where wall spits come in!

Wall splits are the discrete wall mounted or floor standing units you see in many modern homes today. The system is made up of a compressor unit that’s installed outside and one or more indoor air outlets. At AAPL we recommend the Panasonic, Mitsubishi and Fujitsu wall split air conditioning units for many of our Mandurah and Rockingham homes. As well as being an affordable option, they’re on the forefront of technology and quality assurances – which means they’re a fantastic heating and cooling solution for your home.

Wall splits are the perfect air conditioning solution for living areas, bedrooms, theatre rooms and games rooms. A key advantage of our wall splits is that they’re individual systems. This means you can have various rooms on or off or even one room heating up while another is cooling off – the systems are fully flexible to your home’s needs.

Keeping you and your family the perfect temperature doesn’t mean sacrificing a neat and tidy house. Not only do wall splits seamlessly fit into most rooms, but our technicians who install your system will always clean up after themselves, including sweeping the dust and debris. In most cases, the air conditioners are installed on an outer wall to allow the condensation to immediately drain to the outside. The outdoor unit can be positioned on the ground, on wall brackets or on the roof.

Our systems at AAPL can comfortably cool an area up to 70-75 square meters, depending on your home’s heat load and celling heights. While neighboring rooms may receive some air conditioning benefits from your unit, one wall split is not recommended to heat or cool a whole house. With home visit and quoting off plan options though, your AAPL Air Conditioning technician is sure to be able to find you the perfect air conditioner.

We offer a full service air conditioning solution. From visiting your home, inspections, qualified electricians and a hugely experienced team – every installation is done with the utmost care and professionalism. It’s because we take care of the entire process from beginning to end that we can confidently offer a five-year installation warranty. This will save you time and money in the event that your air conditioning unit fails, as you won’t have to call separate suppliers and installers – just give us one quick call and we’ll have you covered. Plus, we’re Rockingham and Mandurah locals, so there’s no need to worry about contacting a busy call-center in the eastern states, we’re just down the road!

Don’t be sweating it out in summer or freezing in winter while you wait for a ducted reverse cycle air conditioning system to be installed, a wall split reverse cycle air conditioning system is the prefect way to maintain the perfect environment all year round. If you’d like help finding the perfect solution for your home, give our team a call on (08) 9529 9099.



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