Once you have chosen the unit you want, you need to know how the air is going to get from the unit to each room of your home or business. This is an important consideration, as poor components can end up wasting energy and delivering below par temperatures. As the professionals in ducted air conditioning in Perth, Mandurah and Rockingham, we have teamed up with West Australian brand Airstream to give our customers the highest quality solutions for your air conditioning system.

How does iZone Ducted Air Conditioning Work?

iZone allows you to automate your ducted air conditioning system and control zones with just a few touches. There are 2 main controllers available
  • A simple on/off controller with the ability to run 6 zones as maximum
  • A touch screen controller similar to an ipad – this controller is loaded with extra features and options you can add to suit your lifestyle
The iZone system is compatible with multiple types of air conditioners, our signature unit is Panasonic and we believe the Panasonic ducted unit matched with an Izone system is the best value you can buy. In addition, the iZone system is capable of being retrofitted to work with existing ducted air conditioning or If a customer requires a unit change we can offer to upgrade the zone system at the same time and the extra options that are available

Benefits of iZone Ducted Air Conditioning

Airstream’s most popular product, the iZone 435, allows you to control the climate of each room of your home or office from your wall mounted controller, or from a Wi-Fi enabled smartphone app (available for iPhone, Android and Windows). On top of the ease, intuition and overall capacity of the iZone systems to make your ducted air conditioning work more efficiently, there are additional worthwhile benefits, including:
  • 10 year warranty*
  • Intuitive user navigation
  • Airflow adjustment 5%
  • Optional iSave® 100% fresh air system
  • Favourites mode
  • 7 day scheduling
  • Sleep timer
  • Filter clean alert with adjustable frequency
  • Temperature sensor calibration
  • Home automation system integration

How iSave Works

The iSave system allows you to not only keep your home cool, but to also add cool, fresh outside air; all at the push of the Isave button. By using iSave on cool summer nights, your outdoor compressor will shut off, allowing “iSave mode” to pull in 100% fresh outside air to not only lower the temperature, but your energy bills as well.

How iLight Works

Automated lighting can cost a small fortune and still not have the features of iLight. The iLight system combines energy-efficient LED lighting with intelligent, radio-controlled light bulbs  which you control through an app on your smartphone or tablet. The lights are available in bulbs or down lights, and fully compliant with the latest building regulations, allowing the lights to have insulation laid over them. With iLight, you can change the ambience of the room within a few seconds with the colour graph giving hundreds of colour choices, other features include
  • Auto brightness control
  • Special effects mode
  • Occupancy sensing
  • Control away from your home with Wi-Fi from the free app (iPhone, Android and Windows)
  • Alarm feature with dim to bright control
  • Stand alone or group configuration
  • Holiday mode
If you are ready to take your home into the future, choose the professionals in ducted air conditioning in Perth, AAPL, to install the intuitive and easy-to-use iZone Airstream in your home. Contact us today for all your ducted air conditioning needs in Rockingham, Mandurah and the Perth Metro area.