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Panasonic Specialist Air Network (SAN)

AAPL are proud to be members of the Panasonic Specialist Air Network (SAN) because it means our customers benefit from expert advice and a global network of experts in air conditioning. It may sound like a covert army operation but the Specialist Air Network is comprised of a group of Panasonic air conditioning specialists who offer personalised service over and above what you might expect.

What is the Panasonic SAN?

The Panasonic Specialist Air Network is a group of local air conditioning specialists accredited to provide expert advice, quotes, installation, and after care on the full range of Panasonic air conditioners for homes and commercial premises. SAN members are recognised as providing the highest quality of service. This means peace of mind for every customer long after the installation is complete. Panasonic air conditioners come in a range of styles to suit single rooms, multiple rooms, and large houses or commercial buildings. They are on the leading edge of technology and user-friendliness.

How do AAPL customers benefit?

Because AAPL are part of the SAN we are Rockingham and Mandurah’s local experts in Panasonic ducted, split system, and reverse cycle air conditioning systems. Our customers get a trained, accredited team to design their air conditioning system specially to fit their needs. No two homes are alike so the tailored approach taken by SAN members like AAPL produces personalised, highly efficient heating and cooling. AAPL provide Panasonic air conditioners which are only available to members like us, giving our Perth customers easy access to the award winning international designs. Not only do our customers get access to a huge range of systems but we are sometimes able to offer cash back incentives and special deals by being SAN members. After the installation is complete most air conditioning technicians will disappear, never to be heard from again. Not AAPL! We offer the highest level of after-installation service and care to make sure your Panasonic air conditioning system is problem free and performing to its full potential. If any problems develop we have access to a huge knowledge base and can get the issue resolved. AAPL customers don’t have to do anything to get the benefits; we know that providing the best products, the best service, and the best pricing is what makes AAPL the chosen air conditioning specialists in Mandurah, Rockingham, and all around Perth.

What should customers know before choosing Panasonic?

We always encourage our customers to do their research. Look at reviews and feedback online to get a feel for what you might like in your home or business. With so many innovate air conditioning products on the market nowadays you should have no problem finding information. AAPL recommend Panasonic products for their reliability and excellent specifications, which is also why we choose to be part of the SAN. Call us at any time to have a chat about an air conditioning solution tailored to suit you. A phone call doesn’t cost a thing, but good advice might save you serious money in the long run.


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