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Evaporative Air Conditioning System

Evaporative systems work by drawing air through water-cooled pads and distributing it through ducts to your rooms, pushing the trapped hot air out through open windows for a refreshing climate. Evaporative air conditioning systems are great for the Perth area because they keep the cool air moving through the house in warm weather, harnessing the freshness of our regular ocean breeze

The units are roof mounted, so to optimise fresh air intake we take care in working out the best size and style of unit for every home. AAPL supply reliable top brand systems to Perth families and businesses, offering great warranties, and full servicing and repairs for peace of mind.

Panasonic Specialist Air Network

The Panasonic Specialist Air Network (SAN) is a group of local air conditioning specialists who are accredited to provide exceptional service, installation, advice, and quotes for Panasonic air conditioning systems. AAPL has been a member of SAN since its inception in 2010, providing Perth customers with special promotions and preferential service on the full range of Panasonic air conditioners.

We choose to supply Panasonic systems because they are recognised industry leaders, claiming 5 stars in every category to win the 2016 CANSTAR Blue Award and taking out the 2014 Product of the Year awards. SAN promote AAPL as a trusted member in the Perth and Rockingham areas thanks to our exceptional knowledge and high level of service that we provide.

Reverse Cycle Ducted Air Conditioning

Reverse cycle ducted air conditioning creates the perfect environment all year round during Perth’s hot summer days and cold winter nights. The units are concealed in the roof space and provide heated or cooled air on demand at whatever temperature you desire. Reverse cycle systems can be zoned so each room is independently controlled, allowing for efficient energy consumption and personalised comfort.

AAPL offer solutions ranging from a simple on/off switch to a fully integrated WiFi controller to regulate air flow in every room, and even automated sensor systems to keep your house comfortable while you relax. We supple Perth customers with our signature Panasonic ducted air conditioning systems, as well as a range of reliable models for every budget.

Wall Split & Cassette Air Conditioning System

Split system air conditioners are more popular than ever in Perth’s smaller homes and apartments because they are able to offer room-by-room heating or cooling with a slimline unit. They are the perfect solution for rooms ranging 10 to 75m2, delivering fresh cool air or warm comfort at the touch of a button.

Cassette split systems are less known but equally effective for homes without space for wall units. They are centrally installed in the ceiling to deliver air from four sides. This ensures even air distribution from the four directional louvers, making them suitable for larger rooms up to 120m2.

Multi head systems are a mixture of three systems, drawing air from a single outdoor unit and distributing it through several indoor units. These systems are ideal for Perth houses with several rooms and limited outdoor space, like subdivisions or large apartments. AAPL supply tailored systems which can include wall splits, mini cassettes, and bulkhead ducted units all connected to one outdoor unit.

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