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Ducted Reverse Cycle

For homes or offices in need of a year-round heating and cooling solution, a ducted reverse cycle air conditioning system is an ideal choice. Ducted reverse cycle systems are often a top pick because they are visually appealing and they allow you to create  different zones in your home or office, so you can save money on energy costs.

Wall Split Systems

Wall splits are an excellent choice for one or two rooms or throughout the whole house although this can get expensive as you have several units to install and several outdoor units reduce outdoor space.


Evaporative air conditioning systems are a cost-effective solution for your home or business; they work by drawing air through water soaked pads via a powerful motor, before delivering the air through insulated ducts to your rooms.

Service & Repairs

Regularly servicing your air conditioner is important to ensuring your home or office is comfortable year-round. Like a car service, your air conditioning service is the key to keeping your unit working at its best and preventing the need for emergency repairs when those odd noises start.

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