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Being able to control the temperature around us at the push of a button is certainly a creature comfort we take for granted on a regular basis. What we may not consider quite as often is just how much this creature comfort is costing the environment and often, our own back pockets.

As Perth’s air conditioning professionals, AAPL have a few top tips on what you can do to reduce your environmental footprint, keep some money in your back pocket, make your system run more efficiently and keep your home or business cool when it matters.

  1. The Ideal Temperature For Your Air Con

The optimal temperature for energy efficiency will vary with the seasons, with the general rule of thumb being 19°C in winter and 25°C in summer. We often advise the 23-24°C to be a comfortable level for heating and cooling, however, if you can run your air conditioning at a lower temperature for heating and a slightly higher temperature for cooling, you will save on energy costs.

  1. Location, Location, Location

The location of your air conditioning system can have a big effect on the unit’s efficiency. A wall split or reverse cycle system, where possible, should have its outdoor unit in a protected, shady environment, as this will help the unit function at it’s peak.

  1. Invest in Insulation

Keeping the heat out during summer and the warmth in during winter is a fantastic way to be energy efficient. You can achieve this by investing in insulation for your existing house, or considering double-glazing for a new house or renovation. The cooler your house is naturally in summer, the less energy your air con will use trying to reach an ideal temperature, with the same premise applicable for winter weather.

  1. Stop the Heat

Refrigerated air conditioning will benefit from doors and windows being kept closed, so be proactive in closing doors to rooms and zones in your house that aren’t being used.

If you have windows that are in direct sunlight during the strongest part of day – midday to afternoon – it may be worth considering tinting the window, installing blinds or investing in roller shutters. Reducing the amount of sunlight hitting a room will help to prevent the room heating up as quickly.

  1. Let the Air Flow

Ducted evaporative air conditioning systems work best with doors and windows open, as this allows for both the cool air to be pushed throughout the house, and for the warm air to be pushed out. By shutting off doors or windows with evaporative air conditioning, your system will struggle to work as well as it could, using more energy in the process.

  1. Maintain Your Air Conditioning System

If components such as filters aren’t cleaned, the sensors don’t read the correct temperature, which in turn makes the unit inefficient.  By keeping your servicing requirements up to date, you are ensuring your air conditioning unit is running at its peak.

By taking small steps around your home, you can make your air conditioning system is energy efficient, cost effective and working at its peak year-round. However, the first step to having the ideal temperature in your home is to contact an air conditioning expert. Contact AAPL today to find out what air conditioning solutions we can offer to you.

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