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Through the hot months, and the colder months, there is no denying that an air conditioning unit is essential.

However, overuse, wear-and-tear along with old age, may cause your air conditioning unit to break down in the fullness of time.

That is why it’s important to have a clear understanding of how to maintain your air conditioning unit. Doing this will help provide your unit with a new lease on life. In fact, here are 5 tips, straight from our air conditioning experts in Perth, for maintaining your air conditioning unit optimally:


Change the air filter every 3 months

The air filter is a vital component of your Perth air conditioner. To adequately maintain your air conditioning unit, have the air filter changed every 3 months. You can put in a new filter at the start of the warmer seasons, then regularly change it after that. We recommend pleated, synthetic filters.


Keep the thermostat at a normal temperature

We also recommend that you set the temperature at the ‘normal’ median level. When you turn it down, it might work longer, but not efficiently. In fact, you might see the opposite, like energy wastage. You can also set the thermostat by day and time, which helps in reducing its overall electricity usage.


Clean the outside unit annually

The outside unit can easily get clogged with grass clippings, leaves, debris and build-up of outdoor dirt. This can eventually block airflow, and force the unit to work harder, thus, using up more energy. A garden hose works well to eliminate this issue, we recommend you focus on the thin metal fins found on the outside unit, and gently rinse it with water.


Check the condenser unit fan

Another component you can scan yourself is the unit fan. Look for the fan mounted on top of the outside unit. Keep an eye for any signs of rusting or general wear-and-tear. If you find any visible chips or cracks, it may be time to replace the fan blades.


Schedule a regular maintenance check-up

Last, but definitely not least, you need to properly maintain your air conditioning unit with the help of a pro. We recommend scheduling regular check-ups by a Perth air con expert. A tune-up of the cooling system will help ensure your air conditioning is working at its optimum. You can also check if it’s cooling efficiently and performing well while not wasting electricity. A lot of units break down or stop working due to the fact there has been a severe lack of maintenance – be proactive rather than reactive.



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