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Have you ever wondered why in order to get proper and healthy sleep, you need to set your room temperature to a certain temperature degree?

Most people don’t think about it, which is why in this article we will discuss what the optimal sleeping temperature is and why is it important for restful sleep.


The question that arises is how does temperature affect your sleep?

The answer to this question has been experienced by all of us, Imagine you have slept all night and when you woke up in the morning feeling dizzy, and moody because you slept very restlessly. The reason for that restlessness includes distinct factors out of which temperature is one.

Sleeping in too cold or too hot can increase wakefulness and decreases REM (rapid eye movement). It is the stage in which one dreams. On the other hand, Thermoregulation is especially important to stay in slow-wave sleep stages. According to experts, these are the stages in which you get the most rest. Additionally, you should consider your room a cave it should be dark, cool, and quiet to enhance your sleep.


How does sleeping in too hot or too cold affect your sleep?

As discussed above, thermoregulation is an important aspect to get good sleep. When you sleep, your body temperature decreases, and you crave heat, if the temperature of your room is above 22° C, it becomes too hot and you will most probably have restless sleep. Or at least, will have trouble falling asleep.

Alternatively, if the temperature of your room is below 15° C, it is considered too cold. It will not affect your sleep but will do other damage as it puts extra pressure on the cardiovascular system to get your body temperature back resulting in your breathing becoming shallow.

The optimal room temperature for adults is 15.5 to 19° C, whereas for toddlers and babies it is a bit high between 18 to 22° C. Sleeping at this temperature will help you to get continuous, deep, and sound sleep.

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