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Summer is fast approaching! Is your air conditioning sorted? Air conditioning has become a Perth survival need. What would we do through the sweltering summers without our beloved air con?


It is never an easy decision when it comes to choosing which air conditioning system you need to buy. It is a long-term investment and should be adequately considered before making a purchase. You might get confused with all the options available in the market, but bear in mind, bigger is not always the solution! If anything, it can give you an extended electricity bill that will leave a massive hole in your pocket.


Firstly, be sure to measure the size of your room


The quickest way to measure your ducted air conditioning needs is to measure your room. Usually, Australian houses have standard ceiling lengths ranging from 2.4m to 2.7m. On average, to cool a room, if you are looking at a one square meter space with an average height, 0.15kW should work.


Our four-step guide to calculating your air conditioning needs


Example: The room is 6 metres in width


Example: The room is 8 metres in length


Example: 6 x 8 = 48 metres squared


Example: 48 x 0.15 = 7.2 kW or close should suit your room size.

Additional top tips to consider when looking at the size of a system



Ceilings need to be well insulated for the air conditioning to work. Considering the quality of home thermal efficiency for ducted reverse cycle air conditioning is vital.


Room Orientation:

Direct sunlight can let a lot of heat come inside and make the air conditioning in vain. Choose a room not facing sunlight in the summer for maximum quality.


Position of Air Conditioning:

Install air conditioning at a higher length, as its mechanism was designed to expel the hot air above. If installed at a lower point, it may leave the room partially cooled, resulting in continuous (and wasted) energy use.


Cooling Cycle and Cooling Efficiency

Every air conditioner completes a cooling cycle upon turning on. Starting with gradually cooling the room and making the environment mildly humid. If the conditioning is bigger for the room, it will quickly cool the room while not completing its cycle. Whereas, if the size is small, the conditioner will keep running on high energy levels, showing up as an unwelcome surprise in your electricity bills.


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