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From leakages, electrical faults, and mould build-up to pest infestation, your air conditioning unit might be smelling for a myriad of reasons.

In this article, we are exploring a few common smells you might experience with your air conditioning system, and the possible reasons behind it:


A stale smell:

This is often due to mould or mildew build-up in your unit. Air conditioners and dark and humid spaces, and without regular maintenance can be the ideal breeding grounds for both to grow. Air conditioners are designed to remove excess moisture during heating and cooling, however if the moisture builds up, this can cause problems for your system.


A musty smell:

This usually occurs due to a leakage. If you find that your unit is leaking a large amount of water, you will usually notice a musty smell following closely behind. We describe the smell of must being similar to dirty socks. Our advice is to turn off the unit and to call us right away. If you allow a leak to continue, this can cause serious damage to your air conditioning unit.


A burning smell:

Is your air conditioner releasing a gun powder or burning smell? This normally means that your system is going through functional problems with the electrical wires, fans or motors. This usually happens due to overheating, water damage or a build up of dust. It can also happen due to the circuit receiving the incorrect voltage.


An exhaust smell:

When your system has an oil leak or if the central unit is overheating, you can expect to have an exhaust smell releasing from your air conditioner. Please note, that this smell is not only unpleasant, but it can be harmful to your health and impact indoor air quality.


A rotten egg smell:

A gas leak often smells like rotten egg. It is important to note that a fask leak  can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning and can be extremely dangerous. If you start to smell rotton egg, open up the windows right away and ventilate the area. Call us ASAP too.


A methane smell:

When a mouse, rat, bird or possum takes shelter in your air conditioning system and dies, it can emit a methane or sulfuric smell. Often, during winter we get calls from our customers regarding this, as this is when animals seek a warmer place to nest.


Tips on eliminating smells:


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