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Have you heard of the new Mitsubishi electric air conditioners?

They are quickly growing a reputation for delivering quality and efficiency to commercial and residential spaces.

Mitsubishi’s electric range works on the mission of creating the best quality cooling and heating products. That is why the Mitsubishi electric air conditioners are gaining momentum globally. Considering there is a huge need for offices maintaining proper temperatures, a Mitsubishi air con may be the ideal solution for you.

In fact, here are a few reasons you may decide a Mitsubishi electric air conditioner is exactly what you need:


Mitsubishi electric air conditioners helps find the right temperature for you

Mitsubishi electric air conditioners are equipped with the latest innovations in cooling. One has cooling capacities of up to 6.1kw, and is designed for optimum cost performance and energy efficiency. Furthermore, these units have a double flat feature that helps direct airflow. It also has a sensor that detects movement, based on body heat. The i-see sensor of Mitsubishi electric air conditioners will monitor people in a room. It then adjusts its position and evaluates body temperature to increase or decrease its cooling effect.


Mitsubishi electric air conditioners are nice and quiet

Nothing is worse than a noisy air conditioner. Luckily, the Mitsubishi electric air con is incredibly quiet, making them ideal for your workplace.


Mitsubishi electric air conditioners come with great durability

The heat exchanger fins of a Mitsubishi electric air con are more separated than its industrial counterparts. This allows air to move more freely in and out of the Mitsubishi Electric air conditioner, making it less susceptible to being clogged by dust, loose hair, and other debris.


Mitsubishi electric air conditioners are stylish

One thing is for certain, the electric division of Mitsubishi has gone above and beyond, pulling out all the stops in designing its new MSZ-LN line of Mitsubishi electric air conditioners. They are not just durable and functional, they are also incredibly aesthetic. Units come in three colours—pearl white, onyx black and ruby red—all of which are perfect for any Perth office space. They also come with matching room controllers! Furthermore, you can utilise your existing pipework to cut costs when installing them in your office. 


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