Are you damaging the atmosphere with burning wood fires?

Wood is a carbon neutral product, unlike other fuels…

Burning wood fires generates no more carbon dioxide than leaving it to decompose.
Wood is a renewable energy source making it a sound environmental choice.

How Efficient are wood fires?

Wood fires are an energy efficient way of heating your home and with the Masport cast iron fireboxes with heat dispersing fins which can increase the surface area by 65% you are receiving the greater heat distribution from your fire.

What is the Cost?

Wood fires are a cheap form of heating especially if you have good access to timber/ logs, not only do you save money but you tidy up the countryside

Why choose Masport ???

Masport are the largest wood fire manufacturer in Australasia and comply with the Australian and New Zealand Emission standards.
They produce a huge range including stand-alone fires to built-in to suit all tastes and home sizes from 50m2 to 300m2, the range of fires covers both radiant and convection.
Radiant heat spreads from the fire and circulates from the fire and the surrounds.
Convection has the added benefit of having a fan with different speeds to spread the heat faster.

When it comes to Masport Wood Fires talk to the team at AAPL Air-conditioning & Heating for the best advice and service.