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Why you should choose Masport Wood Heaters.

With over 35 years of experience in home heating, Masport know how to manufacture an excellent wood heater, this is reflected in their 10 year fire box warranty, many of their fireboxes are manufactured out of cast iron with heat dispersing fins.

Masport wood heaters are built with TRIPLE AIR COMBUSTION TECHNOLOGY to efficiently burn all the fuel in the fire, this technology gives better efficiency and in doing so reduces fuel usage while keeping the environment clean.

  • Superior Cast Iron Fire Boxes
  • Triple Combustion Technology leads to Clean Burning making them
  • Ultra-Efficient Fires


  1. Masport Heating is Australasia’s largest wood fire manufacturer
  2. All Masport fires comply with AHHA Emission standards
  3. Huge range of convection and radiant fires to suit a multitude of homes
  4. Fully brick-lined firebox with steel baffles for efficient heating
  5. Firebox warranty of 10 years

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The two types of fireboxes to choose from are Cast Iron and Steel.

Cast iron fireboxes generally take a little longer to heat up but also longer to cool once the fire has burned down. They offer superior durability and all Masport cast iron fireboxes come with a 10 year warranty.

Steel fireboxes operate the opposite way and heat up quicker but also cool quicker. If you plan to use your wood fire just a few times a week, a steel box would most likely be the better choice for you.

Have you ever wanted to have an attractive insert fireplace but been put off by the need for an expensive remodeling of your house?

Now almost any wall can be quickly and safely converted to accommodate an insert fireplace with our Zero Clearance (ZC) range of fires –  I5000 and I9000. This range enables you to have an insert fireplace installed into almost any wall, while protecting floors and walls constructed from combustible materials.

AAPL Air Conditioning and Heating offer freestanding wood heaters or built in models, we can take care of the surrounds for you regarding the brickwork, timber work, plastering or flushing off, we can consult with you to give you the fire you want and make it a central feature of your home.

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Wood Heaters Perth

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