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Wall Split and Cassette Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning Perth

AAPL Air Conditioning take the confusion out of deciding which reverse cycle air conditioner to choose, different brands have different features so what maybe suitable for one customer can be different to another, however through our experience we can recommend the good from the average giving our customers the best value for their money.

Wall Splits

Wall splits are an excellent choice for one or two rooms or throughout the whole house although this can get expensive as you have several units to install and several outdoor units reduces outdoor space. There are many different brands and sizes on the market so it is easy to get confused without expert advice. At AAPL air conditioning we recommend Panasonic, Mitsubishi HI or Fujitsu units. These are all manufactured with Japanese technology and quality assurances and our installations are carried out by technicians to ensure you get the best installation to complement your unit giving you years of trouble free service.


Air Conditioning Installation

In most cases these air conditioners are installed on an outer wall to allow the condensate drain immediate access to the outside, the outdoor unit can be positioned on the ground, on wall brackets or on the roof.

What Area Can Wall Split and Cassette Air Conditioners Cover?

These systems will generally air condition an area as little as 8m2 up to 70-75 m2 dependent on heat load and ceiling heights etc. The great advantage of wall splits is the choices they give you, being individual systems you can have various rooms on or off, one room heating and one room cooling If that is what you require.

We are often asked will they cool the whole house- they will cool the room they are installed in and you will get some slight spreading of the air to attached rooms, we do not recommend trying to cool the whole house with one unit, it is unrealistic.

Air Conditioning Unit Operation

Wall split units provide cooling, heating, fan, auto and dry operation making them great for any weather situation.
They provide air filtration including anti allergen, anti-virus and anti-bacterial protection making your home a cleaner healthier place for you and your children.

Cassette Systems

The cassette system is a great option for the rooms with no wall space; the indoor unit is positioned in the ceiling and piped to the outdoor unit. The advantages of the cassettes are you can position it centrally (dependent on roof structure) and you have four louvers facing opposite directions meaning you get effective air distribution, the indoor unit is connected to an outdoor unit the same as a wall split.

Don’t worry if you have no wall space and no roof space at AAPL Air Conditioning we are all about solutions and we can offer floor consoles and multi head systems for those awkward situations just pick up the phone and give us a call for specialist advice.

Our 6 Point Promise to You

We guarantee that when our technicians install your air conditioning they will

1-Clean up after themselves including sweeping up dust and debris

2-Remove all off cuts and rubbish from site

3-Reposition any furniture they move

4-Take the utmost care not to damage your walls, ceilings, roof or floor coverings

5-Behave respectfully while in your home or premises

6-Give you full instructions on how to use your new air conditioning

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